Child Alarm

“Daddy – Daddy” my right eye slowly opens, my head hurts and my body aches then realisation hits me, the bright green glare from the alarm clock confirms we are at 0540 hours – what the fuck is going on…………… “Daddy, come and find me” it’s too early for games, normally I would play dead and pretend I hadn’t heard any of the above and wait for my wife to jump out of bed and come to the rescue. However – heavily pregnant with twins, this isn’t an option, for starters it would take her several minutes to climb out of bed by which point the screaming from my son would have become so loud even I couldn’t fake not hearing him shout my name.

This has now continued deep into the week except this morning, I am up early for work and my son decides that it isn’t worth waking his dad up so decides to lie in till 0730, I would kill – quite literally kill for a lie in till 0730.

Yet the arrival of twins in less than 17 days will diminish any ambition of a long awaited morning lie in, or even a regular sleep pattern for the next 12 – 18 months.

“Daddy I want to play cars” this is the next stage in my son’s tempting sales pitch to go rescue him from his bed, its normally a team effort, my wife rescues my son and gets him changed, where as I have the pain of navigating the stair gate, followed by a dozen or so steps navigating the stairs before stepping into the hallway of death where at any moment barefooted I could stand on anything ranging from a golf ball to a dinosaur to a piece of Lego, often frantically swearing and cursing. Even though I walked past the offending item last night I still couldn’t be arsed picking it up that evening when I had the chance.

All of the above pain is forgotten as soon as I return with his milk and a cup of tea and biscuits for my wife, his smile and the guaranteed cuddles remove any thought of remorse or discomfort caused through me being awoken at 0540.

It has been a tough week but on the positive I have been able to visit the gym twice and have finally found a love for running (I say running more like a gentle jog) but either way it’s helping with my mojo and I genuinely feel a better person for this.

My wife has been amazing with Teddy and coupled with the absence of our Nanny this week it hasn’t at all been easy; for example on 2 occasions I have had to collect a beer from the fridge myself #takingonefortheteam but I look forward with eagerness on what will happen from now till the 24th before our family changes for ever.