You can’t just nip anywhere…………

400 mile round trip a 6am start and not home till after 7pm yet I still received a call from my loving wife asking me to nip (you can’t just nip to a supermarket) to buy her some Manuka honey. You can imagine that I wasn’t really impressed with her request, even more so due to the fact that she has been home all day so very able to NIP to the shop herself to purchase, yet through gritted teeth I visited our local Sainsbury’s to purchase the said Manuka honey.

Strolling through the store, I picked up some fresh Sunflowers (wife’s favourite) walked to the Jam and condiment aisle and picked up the Jar that she had requested, I try and avoid all conversations at the checkout tills, how has your day been? Any plans for this evening, it’s a lovely day isn’t it etc etc….quite frankly no, I’ve have had a real shitty day – no plans for this evening and given I have been in work all day I couldn’t really give a toss about the weather (this is what was running through my mind) yet I was polite…………until the point where she asked for payment – £24 I’ve only bought a small jar of honey and flowers, Its Manuka Honey my dear, the very best – the receipt had confirmed £16 for a jar which even the borrowers would still consider as compact.

It is alarming at how as consumers through a recommendation all sensibility goes out of the window and we are happy to pay the requested price. How many of us are brand snobs, I am very guilty of this – I would never swap my Heinz products for local supermarket brands but why not – I have never actually given them a chance or an opportunity – how much could I save on a weekly shop and would I really actually taste the difference (Sainsbury’s would have you think so).

Just on the following items

  • Red Sauce (Heinz)
  • Frozen Chips (McCain)
  • 6 Medium sized Eggs (Happy Eggs – Free Range) Really are they that fucking happy???
  • 4 Tins Tuna Fish (Princess in Brine)

Comparing the above brands with Sainsbury’s own brand – no not the basics or the taste the difference range there standard range on the above 4 products the price difference is £3.60…..on just 4 items. I couldn’t help myself; Sainsbury’s home branded Honey £1.60 and that’s an additional 100 grams over the Manuka honey at £16 a jar.

This weekend I will seek out the supermarket own branded items, purchase and report back, I will also via the internet calculate a shop against my receipt purchasing only branded items (something we do every week without hesitation). This may be a one week experience but surely the money saved can be better used on nappies and days out with the children……….

I haven’t made this up – received a text this morning from the wife detailing further items that she would be grateful if I could collect on my way home today………if you are reading this darling, don’t stress, I will yet again NIP to the supermarket and bring home what I could have so easily collected yesterday evening #takingonefortheteam.