Why am I here?

It’s a question which hopefully will create some wider debate but life is short and in some unfortunate circumstances it can be very short indeed, the choices we make as children, teenagers and young adults all have an impact on what and who we become. When I look back at my childhood I often question how the hell I am still alive today. At a young age you feel invincible and the risks that we take felt controlled and manageable but it is only through experience that you look back and question those earlier decisions.

One example is riding a bike with no helmet – as a child I never wore a helmet yet today I wouldn’t consider riding a bike without a one, is this society or is this that my role in life has now changed as being a parent and a provider. Have I become increasingly more risk adverse…….in some examples yes but then in others no I haven’t.

The idea of going into town tonight and drinking copious amounts of alcohol is something that does not interest me at all, yet just 17 years ago this would have been a typical Friday night, today I am more conscious of the potential risks through violence, these risks were around 17 years ago but the impact would have been minimal compared to my current role in life today. Am I maturing or are these the roles that we play throughout our life, we become more aware and more conscious of the impact that a negative could play.

So what is my role, being a parent and a husband are my key roles and I would imagine that both will continue till I draw my last breath – however the sub requirement of each role will change throughout my remaining years.

When you really sit back and look at life we are in fact very simple, we need food and water and somewhere to sleep, no mention of an Ipad or the latest incarnation of a must have, lifesaving gadget – how happy are we and how do we measure happiness. For me at present my most happy moments are in the evening normally between 6-7PM when my wife and our son are all sat together watching CBeebies and getting ready for bed (my son) often this hour involves us all laughing and playing together, then I normally take my son to bed and we read stories together, its these moments that I cherish – as the years continue I am sure that the relationship I have with my children will too, I will miss these moments where we cuddle, tickle and play, how long before all conversation or interactions are lost because my son will be too far engrossed with his Mobile Phone or the latest new release on a games console.

That said – I am guilty of wanting the latest gadgets and these make me feel good, but when you strip life back to basics these aren’t at all important, what’s important is your family.