Mojo – Part II

One failed gym attempt this week, I did enjoy a session on Monday, my failure this week or more to the point today was not due to lack of desire but due to my 3 year old son waking again at 5am and wanting to play cars. I find it incredible how my emotions can change so quickly, we all need sleep and with the impending twins I can really appreciate just how fucking important it is – the calm before the storm.

My son’s fascination of football and cars I have to accept full responsibility for, like how every night we both have to wear our Liverpool Football Shirts to go to bed, he insists that I wear it just like he does, this also continues with cars. I enjoy fast cars and have been fortunate to either own or have as company vehicles some great cars and more recently I picked up my new BMW M135i – this is a 326 BHP rear wheel drive beast. The acceleration never fades (thanks to its twin turbo) and the straight in line 6 cylinder engine is a peach. I decided that both Teddy and I would go on a boy’s road trip and we both made the 186 mile commute from our home to JCT Bradford to collect our new wheels, something that Teddy was very excited about. The journey back was full of laughter, smiles and Teddy screaming “go catch that one daddy” what can you do 🙂


image3 (2)

The weekend then endured me taking various friends out for a spin – my dad even made the special journey across and we spent time debating whether or not it was quicker than a Jaguar F Type I had once borrowed from work – the smile and the panic on his face confirmed that yes the BMW was in fact a lot quicker!

I think my Mojo is returning, this could be a combination of the car and the gym but something is still missing, this I believe could be due to the anticipation, worry, panic and the lack of security regarding the arrival of the twins. I scream out for routine in my life, everything has a place, the thought of this being broken panics me, then if we add the lack of sleep I am a walking disaster.

Choosing a name is never easy but then choosing two – well it’s twice as hard, I must however show sympathy towards my wife, she looks in constant pain the tiredness, the back ache and then the trauma of giving birth – but I feel your pain darling I really do, for two consecutive nights I have had to cook for myself, search through the house for the tin opener, loading the dishwasher it’s like an exercise of the Krypton Factor, but I am keeping a brave face and taking one for team.