Womens Perogative

They say that it is a women’s prerogative to change her mind, if you combine this with a pregnant women…….who is heavily pregnant with twins only 31 weeks but measuring 40 weeks. If she was having just the one child, the picture you imagine in your head is about 85% correct, beautiful but tired, very tired……short tempered (understandable) and makes no attempt what so ever to hide her short temper. This isn’t great at all, I just can’t help it – pushing those little buttons and watching my wife react instantly – it’s a game, no it’s a sport and one that I am proud to admit that I am absolutely bloody brilliant at.

Earlier this week the final piece of the twins jigsaw was delivered (no – not the twins) but 2 new ISOFIX bases (makes life so simple) and the all awaited Twin Travel System (Pram) – we opted for an Uppababy pram as our first purchase for our son was an Uppababy and we just loved the design, robustness and the look, so it made perfect sense to opt for a brand which we trusted. I say we, this was my wife’s decision and during the process I just stood and nodded my head at all the appropriate moments in the conversation (it has taken 7 years to perfect this skill) with great results, normally during shopping trips or when the football is on, but get this wrong and it will cost you dearly.

The contents of the boxes was emptied at lightning speed, the sheer determination and excitement on my wife’s face – my son and I just stood back in amazement – cardboard and packaging flying everywhere it was like a scene from Crystal Maze – the tiredness had disappeared, for now!.

After several conversations (me nodding) it was agreed that we wouldn’t opt for a twin side by side pram – this turned out to be a mistake. I often mock my wife for her lack of height but she makes up with this in determination and her vocal ability but then came those magical words “I don’t like it at all, it’s too tall – I can’t really see over the top”. I would say that I probably spend 40 – 50% of my time joking around and generally taking the piss out of either people or situations, yet here I am with my wife telling me she can’t really see over the top of the pram I couldn’t contain either my frustration or my eagerness to mock – It just came out like a natural reaction – Could buy you some new wedges or maybe some new heals, the jokes just continued, it wasn’t at all big or clever of me – in fact my wife just stood there and called me a dick.

Two days later the pram was returned and a new model ordered, this time a side by side option, again I wasn’t really paying attention to the detail I even missed the increased cost of the new pram so guys be aware – not always but sometimes this nodding can cost you dearly.