Growing Old

At which point do we realise we are getting older, mine came to me yesterday. It was just after 2pm, the skies had turned what can only be described as a thunderous dark grey and within seconds the heavens opened and the rain was coming down with such power and velocity, yet my 1st thought was just how good that will be for the garden and in particular my lawn. Where the hell has that train of thought come from – it was a first for me…..then it made me think a little deeper.

I would like to say that it took me hours, days to find further examples, sadly it didn’t, Radio 5 Live, Chinos, Washing up in 3 inches of water, managing my pension fund there are lots more too. It happens without us knowing. Let’s take the Chino’s as an example as I write I am sat here in work wearing a pair, very comfortable too I must add, but at what point in my life did I confess that I wanted a pair of chino’s (March 2015) that’s when – but what on earth made me feel it was right in my life to purchase not one but 2 pairs.

We digress but when do we refer to them as a pair, there is only one I am told it is because of two legs, but how does this work for a shirt we still have two arms but don’t refer to it as a pair of shirts (that would mean 2 surely).

Back to the point – it just creeps up on us, are we able to control or delay the inevitable, should I go out and purchase a ridiculous pair of jeans and wear them low hanging showing off my latest new Calvin Klein boxer shorts or maybe purchase the latest IPhone or maybe a sports car – yet these are often described as being a midlife crisis purchase – at what age do we trickle from it being a cool purchase to being labelled as a mid-life crisis ………………..???????

Life is what we make of it, sat here wearing a blue (I can’t help it) PAIR of chino’s I would look back and say life has been good so far and I hope that the next chapter is just as exciting but I fear that feeling of waking up one morning, sitting upright in bed and declaring that today is the day that I am ready for beige and brown!