Too Hot

It’s hot, incredibly hot in fact and it would only be fair for me to complain that it’s just too hot, it’s what you do if you’re British, it’s either too hot or too cold. As a nation we are unable to cope with either high temperatures or snow, we are totally incompetent of dealing with either of the aforementioned situations. In the news today they warned people to stay hydrated – I mean are we that incompetent as a nation that we will forget to drink, what will be tomorrows newsflash – residents of a local village warned on the importance of maintaining a constant rhythm of breathing………

Today I am working from home, of course the promise of 30 degrees and open blue skies and sunshine helped make my decision but also the fact that later this afternoon we are interviewing for a nanny. No……not a hot Swedish or blonde from California but a nanny which will be suitable to our family needs – taking one for the team!

It is difficult to understand what to expect when you share your home and life with what is a complete stranger, but on the flipside I wonder just what they are expecting from us. My wife is no Mary Poppins and I am certainly no Mr Darcy – more of a younger looking Jason Statham but with a little less defined muscle……

I am now 7 days into my 100 days of happiness, this has involved random acts but given the current temperature and heat we are experiencing (in the UK) I urge you all to contact someone of the elderly age, check to see if they are ok. During 2013 the previously recorded heat wave 760 deaths were related to the extreme heat, I plan on contacting my parents tonight to see if they ok, not considerably old but they are older than me!

With the impending twins we are having to re-finance our lifestyle (donations welcome) such a change in events has been where we shop, 18 months ago we were Marks and Spencer addicts this is a UK based retailer which sells exceptionally good quality food, yet as with most things this food comes with a premium. I have been able to over the last 18 months gradually downgrading, we endured 16 months at Sainsbury’s and since May we have been shopping at Tesco’s. The greatest benefit has been on the bottom line, we are saving on average between £200 – £250 a month and there are the fuel savings (£0.20 pence of a litre last week) I am convinced that this time next year we will be at Lidl, we have yet to purchase any meat from Tesco given the horse meat scandal but as a general rule little has changed in the quality. This I feel is that it is really on fruit and vegetables that are mainly non branded so up to the retailer to ensure quality, most other items are from branded and reputable providers.

Then there is the ultimate financial saver which is the internet shop, this must be costing the retailers millions each year given the lack of impulse purchases as we walk down the aisle and suddenly fancy something different, they say you should always go food shopping on a full stomach, this however does nothing for the body conscious if you apply the same theory when you go clothes shopping!