It’s lunchtime and already I have cleaned the inside of 2 cars, cleaned all 4 bathrooms and completely hovered and polished the entire house, I’ve managed to sit down and attempt my latest blog before I need to leave for the accountants at 1345 (tax return) then collect mini me from Nursery before I tackle the ironing this evening.

Believe it or not today is actually a registered day off, that’s right I booked a day off and this is how I am spending it!!!. Sitting here with a smile on my face I can remember those days off before children, it would have been spent either on a golf course, a long lie in with an afternoon of enjoying the sunshine and a cool drink. Or maybe hours upon hours of cleaning my car which at that period in my life made me happy, but was I actually serving a purpose in life and who was this benefiting, well it was benefiting me but was this my purpose?

Just what the hell did I do with my spare moments prior to being a parent; with little responsibility life was easy, very easy indeed. Today I wake every morning just wanting that extra 5…..who am I kidding that extra hour, I can remember on weekends it was a regular occurrence not to exit the bedroom till after lunch.

The grass is never greener, I wouldn’t change it for the world but just to have an extra morning lie in…………priceless. For example; without fail on a weekend my son wakes pre 0700 hours, if I have an early start where I need to be in the car before 0630 you can guarantee he won’t wake till gone 0745, however on the flip side If I am working from home or I don’t need to leave till after 0730 he is awake at 0630. The only winner here is my wife and my son.

What pleasures do I currently have in life, my health, my family a job and we have a place which we currently call home – what more do I actually need, we all have wants but more importantly we have needs, the basic requirements to survive but how many of us actually sit back and decide what is important to us and what is actually the latest fad or non-necessity that we crave. I am able to provide a fantastic lifestyle for my family but not everyone is so fortunate, question…..when was the last time you completed a random act of kindness for a stranger, be it something simple like held a door open, offered up your seat for an elder or took time out to speak to a stranger. For the next 100 days I plan to set myself a daily target and to complete 100 acts of kindness to both strangers and to those that I already know, fancy joining me??

My wife has just confirmed that picking up my shoes/trainers from the hallway does not count!

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