Money Talks

I believe that everyone and everything has its price in life, the price that we are willing to pay because it feels right to market trends and the price that we will pay because we just have to have it. Apple is a great example, do we purchase Apple products because they are beautifully designed and intuitive or is it because it’s the latest upgrade and a must have fashion accessory? I think it’s the latter.

I am a person who craves money, I am motivated through money, whether this is right or wrong it is who I am. I am hungry, ambitious and always want more, this I believe is what has really driven me through my career with every new role/company enticing me with a bigger salary a better car and that increased job title that shouts power. I often sit back and think where I will be in 10 or 15 years’ time, how much money will I be earning, which company will I be running oh my gosh how fucking rich will I be.

If money talks how much money would it take, for me to be away from my family Monday to Friday, ultimately it would all depend on the circumstances, if I was unemployed and this was the only way to support my family, then no doubt I would work away. Yet I am fortunate to have a role which allows me to enjoy life and the finer things that this can bring, but with a tempting new role in London with a considerable 6 figure package and the regular executive benefits, I said No…… why did I say No, I am sure that my wife would manage and after time my son would adapt – the expectant twins wouldn’t know any different so they would be fine. Its me, I am not sure I could cope with working away 4 nights a week nor I am sure I couldn’t cope not seeing my wife or my son. Putting my son to bed is priceless receiving those cuddles and the ‘I Love You Daddy’.

This weekend we celebrated his 3rd birthday and spent yesterday (Father’s Day) riding around on our bikes together, it was brilliant, granted yesterday was the 1st time in 3 years I road my bike and Yes I have a sore arse today but to see his little face light up was incredible.

Hindsight will probably show that in 10 years I will look back and regret this decision, but I am sure there will be other opportunities yet to gain those early years back from my children, will be impossible.

So yes, Money Talks – but to drag me away from my son my wife and my family…….. it’s no longer about the money.