Family Unit

What is it that keeps a family unit strong, is it essential that both the father and the mother are home every night? Has our society changed with the increased cost of living through higher house prices and the addition of the internet, the mobile phone, the pay per channel broadcasts such as Virgin, BT and Sky. None of which were around 30 years ago. Just the additional aforementioned can increase a families outgoing by circa £100 a month, I can confirm that at present we are spending in excess of £150 for TV, Broadband and 2 mobile phones.

Is this resulting in parents having to work harder, longer and in cases away from the family home in order to provide a lifestyle. I certainly have the ambition to become a CEO but with the knowledge that I will have to work away from the family unit – initially until the twins are older is such a pull on the emotional framework. Who would have thought that I would even be having such conversation with my emotional framework, so life does change when you become a parent.

Previously it has just all been about me, but with a wife, a son and with twin daughters on the way it really is no longer all about me. Am I mentally strong enough to work away Monday through to Friday evening, with the thought of no cuddles from my son, or the evening banter I share with my wife, ok we have Skype but it just isn’t the same. Will such decisions have an impact on the mental and emotional stability of my children if I am only around at weekends – I think it certainly will for me!

Reality is that most if not all of our military personnel spend months away from their families, I came from a military background with both parents serving in the British Army (it looked like too much hard work for me to join) plus not sure face moisturiser would have gone down well with my colleagues, or me actively avoiding getting dirty or more to point actually being fucking shot at. Is it a mind-set or simple math, to sustain a lifestyle with only one wage you take one for the team, but emotionally how does this fair on both the marriage, the children……but more importantly me?

Working away a couple of nights every other week is easy – sometimes enjoyable, having complete control of the TV (ok not the greatest charm) but having the bed to yourself can seem to some as a positive, yet doing this full time (4 nights a week) does it take real commitment, drive and a lack of engagement with family normality. As a percentage I question just how many CEO’s work away during the week, how many have a positive relationship with their children, I mean love and consideration, not love through presents such as gifts, cars and holidays….how many?