The Parent Trap

Is it possible to ever stop worrying about your child/children, my son is 3 next week and I don’t honestly think there is a day that goes by where I don’t think about him or even worry what the future will hold?

How will he adapt at making friends, will he struggle like his father does in unknown situations or be as stubborn and rude as I can often be in situations where I have nothing to gain. Every decision we have taken as a family unit now involves providing the best for our son and our growing family. Where we choose to live, the area, the potential schools that exist in the area. I am sure that in reality it makes a difference but as individuals can it really have a positive or even a negative impact. I often get criticised for stating that we all have the same choices in life, but I guess on reflection the upbringing that we have from our parents, including the choices that are made for us all determine how we respond to both situations and choices into adulthood.

I can honestly say that I had a very fortunate childhood, ok my name isn’t Tarquin and I definitely wasn’t born with a silver spoon protruding from my mouth but I came from an environment which for 99% off the time was fun.

However, as a parent myself how do I continue this trend, school can be a very challenging and difficult environment and with social media this only opens up the potential for abuse and bullying further. How can I ensure I keep my son and the impending twins safe (twins girls) not that this should make it any more difficult……………. But it just does.

On reflection as young adult I can often remember stumbling into the family house during the early hours and without fail my mother asking if I am ok, its 3am does she not sleep, of course I am ok I am 19 years old – okay I’ve drank too much and cannot remember how I got home but seriously do you need to stay awake till I am home safe. The bottom line is YES – I think you only realise this once you become a parent. But this parent trap does it ever end, when do you let go, is it even possible to let go.

I want to be able to provide the best start in life for my children but I am increasingly nervous of how I will cope with the pressures of life and the trauma that they will no doubt experience in their life and how this will impact on me (but it’s not just all about me).

How do you cope…….??