Sunday evening and I have just finished my reports for tomorrow’s meetings, it’s a struggle to find a real work life balance but I am grateful that presently I seem to be hitting it.

You will have read that on my previous blog I made reference to my company medical, standing there stood in just my boxer shorts I have never felt so out of my comfort zone, well not since last year when I was stood in the same room acting out the same movements probably wearing the same boxer shorts. As always passed the regular tests (eye/blood pressure/hearing/breathing) with no issues at all, actually passing the score boundaries for my age – but then again I was fully dressed and feeling fine. Its those words – would you like to pop inside the room and take your clothes off, actually no I fucking wouldn’t – often runs through my head, but in I walk and out I shuffle. There I am stood, in just those boxer shorts – talking politics and football which just feels wrong but this is all part of the routine. Making me feel at ease – yet in this situation I am not sure that anything actually would. Would you like me to take a look at your testicles came the next question – I’m good thanks – said in a strong tone – yet 3 minutes later he is kneeling down – my boxer shorts are around my ankles and his hands are touching my bollocks, with a young family and a wife I guess I should have manned up and accepted that I have to be responsible – but none the less having another man with his hands over the jewels is just wrong, unless like Alan Carr this is your sort of thing.

DIY – this is not at all my strongest point, even flat packed products will test my limits often resulting in me admitting defeat and calling the wife to finish the job off. This weekend was a hybrid of efforts, with my wife reading the instructions and my 3 year old in charge of the electric screwdriver and me – well basically the glorified eye candy. After several hours we (they) built 2 new cots, a huge bloody wardrobe and a dresser – between them were fantastic, it did allow me the opportunity to sit back enjoy a Magners.

27 weeks into the pregnancy and things are starting to become a reality, with the nursery sorted and almost everything any new parent should ever need we should be ok. But will we?!? It was difficult enough with just one but with 2 and a child who will only be turning 3 in a couple of weeks how are we going to cope. Simple, I will be in work Mon – Fri and with frequent trips abroad I doubt much will change. Bollocks, I am on a travel ban from the wife, I have previously mentioned how much I cherish, love and appreciate my sleep, so this is going to be a struggle, I am honestly nervous as to how we will all adapt – well actually just my son and I.

So many things are changing, our routine will never be the same again, we have already moved to Internet shopping, which is actually cheaper due to only buying what you need (bonus) we are swapping cars – this is something I never thought I would have agreed too, next week we are reviewing CV’s for a part time nanny. Obviously we both have different expectations, and even a different idea of what should be contained on the job description!