Taking One For The Team

You would think that working away would have its benefits, ok, I do have complete control of the remote control yet Swedish TV is anything but exciting (just think of a Volvo).

The greatest problem is guilt, I am sure that my wife disagrees and insists that I am guilt free whilst being away but I do openly feel bad – not supporting her through the pregnancy or helping out with our soon to be 3 year old son. It is a struggle yet I push through and try to make the best out of a bad situation, normally I will endure a 20 / 30 minute workout in the hotel gym, quickly followed by a Sauna – the Swedes love a good sauna. Then I will float off to my favourite restaurant. They serve some of the best fillet steak I have tasted and with soft potato mash which tastes like nothing I have experienced before (www.sture.me) I watch the busy commuters and locals walk by sitting back in the knowledge that I am taking one for the team.

Taking one for the team, several months previously we made the step to introduce our son who was just 2 and a ½ at the time to the frustrating world of potty training. From a male perspective this was stressful as hell – the thought of attempting to leave the house with the knowledge that my son could freely piss or even worse shit at any given time with little warning, and this could all take place in my CAR!! Unfortunately the words wee and pooh during the early stages became rather confusing for my son and he would often announce he needed a wee when in fact it was a pooh he wanted. I however only fell for this mistake once, it was a terrible experience but I should have known, his face was bright red, there was no little dancing feet which always compliment a request for a wee, but there we were stood on his step with me knelling behind waiting for the waterfall to commence, I asked just to confirm that it was a wee he wanted, yes daddy it’s a wee, its coming daddy with his face getting tighter he then instantly turned round and confirmed at the top of his voice ‘I’m having a pooh Daddy, I’m having a pooh and began to clap’. I can confirm with confidence that I wasn’t fucking clapping, with a shit covered left knee I felt violated and shouted for my wife, but then realisation stuck – my wife was out. I froze yet my son continued to clap and he continued to shit, fortunately my human survival instincts kicked in……………. I let go of my son and moved back. This however had consequences and the aforementioned pooh landing on a nice warm wooden floor being heated courtesy of our underfloor heating.

Children enrich our lives and we are often taken by surprise, only last week whilst my son was having a number 2 this time in the correct position, sat on the toilet seat he announced to my wife that he misses his daddy lots – now, I am not sure what context to accept this does he genuinely miss me or was this due to the location and the happy memories we have. Either way, being away from home does cause me pain as I often awake the following morning with a heavy head but I struggle through the pain barrier, as I continue taking one for the team.